We want to bring the benefits of AI to the corporate world

Uncharted Technologies is a research consultancy dedicated to bringing state-of-the-art AI solutions to the corporate world. We define, design and deploy software solutions with clients to help them grow. We work closely with wealth management, logistics and manufacturing companies to optimize their processes.

Organizations struggle to manage uncertainty in a fast-changing world. AI can analyze millions of data points in real time, gaining insights from large structured and unstructured datasets to improve decision-making, optimize capital allocation, and identify market trends.

Legacy processes are holding back innovation and growth, and manual operations are long, expensive, and prone to error. AI helps automate business processes to enable larger throughput by human workers, and frees up time to focus on more meaningful work. processes, increase back and middle office efficiency, and improve client experience.

Larger datasets and greater computing power allow AI algorithms to automate schedules, optimize speeds and fleet sizes, or perform predictive maintenance, thereby improving fuel efficiency and reducing delivery times.

AI has a broad range of applications across all the manufacturing value chain. By creating opportunities to reduce product defects, anticipate incidents, shorten unplanned downtimes, improve transition times, reduce energy costs, and increase production speed, AI helps companies reach manufacturing excellence.