What defines us is what sets us apart

Born with a GPU in our hands, we thrive in tech. We’ve previously worked in the most challenging corporate, research and entrepreneurial environments. We value curiosity and passion. We take pride in sharing what we learn, and collaborate in everything we do. To us innovation isn’t just a buzzword: it’s what we live by, what we respect, and is a fundamental aspect of our business endeavors.

Some of us...


Maxime has a background in software development for AI. He has studied at UTC, the Norwegian University of Science and Technology and Lleida University. He has previously built machine learning software for content extraction and classification within large companies.


Bastien studied at Ecole polytechnique, Telecom Paris and HEC Paris, and specializes in artifical intelligence and big data. As a research scientist at Unchartech, he leads projects that aim to create new knowledge and methods in natural language processing. He is a dancesport and cycling enthusiast.


William studied at Ecole polytechnique and Ecole Normale Supérieure, and holds a PhD in quantum physics from the University of Oxford. During his PhD, he worked on developing new quantum algorithms using photons. As a research scientist at Unchartech, he leads both basic and applied research projects in reinforcement learning. He has previously worked at Saint-Gobain.